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Sulafa Tower

Residential building, Dubai Marina, Dubai
Sulafa Tower Key Information
Location type
Residential building
285 metres (935 feet)
Building type
Supertall skyscraper
Total units
Unit types
One-bedroom apartments
Two-bedroom apartments
Three-bedroom apartments
Companies Associated with Sulafa Tower
  • Sulafa Tower is a 75-storey residential building in Dubai Marina, Dubai.
  • The development contains a total of 702 units.
  • The building contains a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments as well as penthouses.
  • Construction began in 2006 and was completed by October 2010.
  • The project was developed by National Properties.
  • The project is located on plot 392-208.
  • From Sulafa Tower it takes roughly 17 minutes to drive to Dubai Mall, eight minutes to Palm Jumeirah, 14 minutes to Burj Al Arab and eight minutes to The Walk JBR.
  • Dubai International Airport (DXB) is roughly 25 minutes' drive and the new Al Maktoum International Airport is roughly 32 minutes' drive. All durations are calculated by Google Maps and assume the fastest route in typical traffic conditions.
  • Sulafa Tower is one of the tallest residential towers in Dubai.

  • The building contains a variety of different sized residential units, from 752 sq ft to 3,375 sq ft.

  • There are 81 floors comprising four basements, ground floor, four podium floors, one health club, 69 residential floors and two service floors.

  • The total built up area for the 81 stories is 1,400,000 sq ft, and the total sellable area is about 850,864 sq ft.

  • The health club facilities include a gymnasium, pool and Jacuzzi.

  • There are eight passenger lifts and one goods lift, one showroom and 718 car parking spaces.

Sulafa Tower Milestones
Construction Started
Date Completed
October 2010
Proximity to landmarks
The Walk JBR
8 mins drive
Ibn Battuta Mall
10 mins drive
La Mer
25 mins drive
Al Maktoum International Airport
32 mins drive
Mall of the Emirates
12 mins drive
Burj Al Arab
14 mins drive
Dubai International Airport
25 mins drive
Dubai Mall
17 mins drive
Palm Jumeirah
8 mins drive

Construction History

Sulafa Tower Reviews

See what the residents have to say by reading 17 user reviews courtesy of


Sulafa Tower receives an overall rating of 3 based on 17 reviews. Users were asked to consider many factors including the view, finishing, layout, noise levels, traffic, public transportation, parking, security, swimming pool, gym, and maintenance.

17th Aug, 2020
From Italy
Moved here in 2020
Living alone
Happy and comfortable
Cheap, View, Location
Construction work, pool and gym
Sulafa is one of the cheapest tower in marina you can move in as of date but for it you get a nice sized apartment. My experience is very nice as I'm on high floor but I've read of people having light problems at 1pm but I believe it's more more… a problem in the lower floors. The view as well changes massively depending on the floor you live in and which side is the apartment facing. Me for example I have an unobstructed view of Burj al Arab, Burj Khalifa, part sea view and part golf view. Can't complain at all!! Location is fantastic as you can have very easy access to SZR without any traffic at all and tram station just across the street. The negatives are for sure the temporary cladding replacement noises that should be complete by the end of the year, the pool being covered so no possibilities of tanning, and the gym having a bit outdated machinery. Parking as well are a bit narrow and no guest parking, which is a common thing for all Dubai Marina area buildings in general.Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
15th Nov, 2016
From United Kingdom
Moved here in 2015
Living alone
Pest palace
Size and finish of apartments and great gym
Awful indoor swimming pool, cockroaches, construction noise
Don't move to Sulafa tower, just don't do it. Yes, the units are big and the finish is good but there is hardly any natural light in the middle one bed apartments and you are living on a building site. It's amazing how depressed one can feel when you have more… to turn your lights on at 1pm in the afternoon. The construction view is dire, don't put your clothes to dry on the balcony area- they will get covered with construction dust. Workers on the sites will peer into your flat and you will sleep to the sound of drilling every night between 11pm-6am, even ear plugs don't drown out the sound- permanent insomnia. The worst thing about Sulafa apart from the awful views, constant construction noise and disgusting trash rooms where people don't use the shoot is the fact it's a pest palace. Bachelors aplenty make this building full of pests. Try using the water machine in the gym and cockroaches crawl out, they are everywhere. My apartment turned into a sanitary soulless residence and they still wouldn't leave. Worst experience I have had was living in this building. Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
3rd Nov, 2016
From United Kingdom
Moved here in 2016
Family with children
Not recommended for families
Reasonable price when i moved in
Neighbours, parking, and of course the fire....
Advantages (not many): Fairly decent quality interior and I didn't have many problems with a/c or water heaters etc. The location is pretty convenient and close SHZ road. Price is reasonable for the space. Disadvantages (a lot): Noisy party neighbours - lack of control from security and property mgt. Very difficult time more… for me and my family (that's putting it mildly and being diplomatic)...... Parking is poor. A 3 bedroom apt. has only one parking , there is no guest parking outside or nearby so visitors need to get a taxi. Swimming pool is a pretty poor facility. Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
26th Oct, 2016
From Turkey
Moved here in 2016
Living with spouse
worst residency experience
Sulafa tower is the worst residency I experienced so far. Doors of flats are close to each other and you can hear all the things from next flat. In case you have noisy neighbors get ready to fight with them (because you are calling security and even police each time more… and guess what, nothing happens, apologies and next day its the same ). Gym looks ok but devices are old or malfunctioning. Pool is very small. Forget to swim if there are 2-3 people. Otopark is ok too but in order to enter you have to wait all buildings before sulafa as you have to use same service road and forget about calling guests with their car. There is no way for guests to park even finding a park place. To summarize; dont waste your time and money as you may look to move right after you move. Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
7th Jul, 2016
From Canada
Moved here in 2016
Living with spouse
Great for bachelors or newlyweds
Location, size of unit, finishing, tenants, easy access to SZR (no traffic in or out)
Parking, security team, construction all around,
Moved into this building 5 years ago before there was a road in front of it. Over the past few years lots of changes happened in this area. The units are huge compared to the neighboring buildings. Finishing is really good. Price used to be good but I think they're more… getting a bit greedy now. When I first moved in they asked for 53K for a one bedroom. Now they want almost 90-100K, not worth it, given ocean heights is around the same price and a million times better than sulafa. Be careful which unit you take, most of them have an obstructed view. Chiller is free which is a huge bonus. Parking is and always has been a disaster. No one wants to visit us anymore since they can never find place to park. Only 10 spots available for 8 60+ story buildings. Very convenient location with the tram right across the street. Not a family building although there are a bunch of families living in it. No parks nearby. Security guards are unhelpful. Great for a bachelor or a couple. Be careful of the rent and compare it with ocean heights to see if they are getting greedy. Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
18th Oct, 2015
From Spain
Moved here in 2014
Living with spouse
Sulafa tower
Apartment and location
Guest parking
Nice tower in a central location, with good building quality. The 2 bedroom apartment has a good layout and an amazing view on one side, but a really big tower way too close on the other side. Parking for guests is a mission impossible.
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
29th Jul, 2015
From United Arab Emirates
Moved here in 2015
Living alone
Fancy prison!
There is a Carrefour near by
Hostile security, not a lot of restaurants around, no parking anywhere near for your guests
The security is probably tighter than the Pentagon's! It's too ridiculous even if you were living in a crime-infested city or even a bad part of a town; which it's neither! When I first moved there I was investigated with like a criminal by the security. They asked for a more… piece of paper that I didn't have at that moment, even though I had my access card and keys. I had my luggage with me so I told them let me drop my luggage first at the apartment and I'll go get the paper for them afterward. Not only they refused, they wouldn't even let me wait at the lobby for a friend to come pick me up and I had to wait in the excruciating heat outside until my friend came! It was an extremely humiliating experience!! Biggest mistake I've made was moving there.. Can't wait till my contract is over so I can move somewhere else.Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
9th Apr, 2015
From France
Moved here in 2014
Living with spouse
One of the best towers in Dubai Marina
Generous layout and very well equipped gym
The pool
I really enjoy my stay in Sulafa Tower, it did not really look that fancy from the outside but I was very much impressed by the generous layout of the 1BR (I'm staying in the one without balcony, one of the largest layout I assume). The big+ that helped me to more… go for the Sulafa are; tram station ( I use it to go to work), Carrefour market next to it, plenty of restaurants and cafe nearby. Last but not least, a very well equipped gym. The thing that i don't like is the covered swimming pool but wasn't a deal breaker for me. Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
3rd Mar, 2015
From Russian Federation
Moved here in 2014
Living with spouse
Sulafa tower review
Quality apartment, good location
No parking anywhere for guests
Pros: - Very nice finishing - Logical layout of the 2 bedrooms - Great views over Sh. Zayed road - Walking distance to Tram station and Marina Walk - Traffic situation much better since Tram construction is over Cons: - Construction next door - Loud neighbors - No guest parking nearby. None.
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
13th Jan, 2015
From South Africa
Moved here in 2015
Living alone
1 Bedroom in Sulafa Tower Dubai Marina
The convenience
The rent
It's the perfect location, convenient cafe store down stairs, carrefour & spinneys across the road. Barasti a 3 min walk away, No traffic but the neighbours are very annoying and the construction is very annoying especially on the weekend when you want to lie in. No view at all except more… construction. Nice spacious apartment but super! super! over priced.Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
14th Dec, 2014
From Germany
Moved here in 2012
Living with spouse
Sulafa … one of the worst towers in Marina
It is near to a lot of places that I like
Security, parking and maintenance
I've been living here for two years. During this two years, I had the worst experience since I came to Dubai. The security manager thinks it's a prison and deal with the tenants as prisoners. Parking is a nightmare as if you're entering the CIA building, even going out from more… the parking. If you're having guests, they better come by taxi, cause there's no chance they will find a parking near to the tower. The swimming pool is the worst, it's covered, it's dull, no chance to invite friends over, or to tan or to even chill. As for maintenance, there's a lot of leaking every where, and they don't know how to fix it and they charge you although they didn't do anything.Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
20th Nov, 2014
From United States
Moved here in 2014
Living alone
Sulafa Tower Resident
The great location
No parking for visitors and no sunlight in the pool
Sulafa Towewr is a very nice building, in a great location. I have been here over 2 1/2 years and in that time, the lifts were out of service one time only. The building is well kept and maintained. I am lucky that I have a great view of the more… sea from my window and balcony. Sulafa Tower is in a great location, near to many shops, markets, restaurants and bars. Now that the tram is complete, life is less hectic in the area. Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
13th Nov, 2014
From United States
Moved here in 2014
Living alone
Sulafa tower review
View, Security, Location
Management, maintenance, parking
Where to start. First of all, I LOVED my 69th floor apartment, complete with two balconies, one with full SZR (golf course) and Marina view, and the other with partial sea view. I loved the apartment layout, a spacious 2br, 3 bathroom pad with a normal sized kitchen. I never more… had a problem with security, and it's near many options for food, entertainment and the like. I could literally (and did many times) walk to Barasti on Friday night. Now with the tram in place, traffic will surely ease... That all said, there are a lot of problems with this place and the management. 1. The building next door, TAV Tower, is a constant nuisance, sometimes backing up traffic with no rhyme or reason... that includes highly rude construction foremen that love to shout at drivers. Sure, this will ease when the building is done, but I lived in this apartment for 2 years and barely any progress was made. 2. Noise level. This is part of any apartment living, where sometimes you have neighbors that party. In my case, it sometimes was a bother, but the neighbors were always nice about it and didn't mind to turn it down on request. 3. Parking. GOOD LORD the parking is terrible. Despite security implementing a card system that is supposed to only allow one entry before one exit and vice versa, I can't tell you how many times my spot was parked in. I'm sure this is across Dubai, but it's no different here. And you can forget about parking for your guests, unless you're very lucky. 4. The pool. Not a fan of this one, as it's partially indoors. Meaning that there's a roof over head, so no sunning. And it's totally shallow, so not a good spot to swim, in my opinion. 5. Maintenance. Wow. They will over charge you for everything, to include 100AED for a lightbulb, 300AED to clean the AC filters, and any other thing they decide to slap on. That's only IF you can get someone to come fix what you need serviced. I had a shattered balcony glass (from the above mentioned TAV construction) that took maintenance THREE MONTHS to fix, then the maintenance manager tried to get ME to pay for it!!! Terrible maintenance. 6. Value for money. Yeah right. The office is a joke, and will only help you if it helps their financial bottom line. If you say your call is urgent they will not respond to you, and you will be treated with disrespect by some of the staff. Not all of them are this way, but I had a pretty bad experience with the management I spoke with at the end of my tenure here. If you want a great view, it won't last for long. Buildings are going up all around Sulafa, and soon it will be surrounded by other properties. I suggest you check out Elite, Princess, or the other buildings on the waterfront view line.Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
21st Aug, 2014
From Middle East
Moved here in 2011
Family with children
Sulafa 3 Bedroom
They do not keep the building nice, clean and well maintained
Sulafa tower have a few advantages and disadvantages. We start from advantages: Good quality and good built building , we didn't have any problem with piling, a/c , leakage , etc. location is in the beginning of Marina thus we do not stock in traffic. Easy to come in and go out more… , close to Shz.road. Disadvantage : Each flat, even 3 bedrooms have only one parking , there is no parking outside or nearby. Parking, elevators and sometimes corridors are dirty.Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
17th Jul, 2014
From Australia
Moved here in 2012
Living alone
1 bedroom apartment in Sulafa Tower
The gym is great
The noise, dust and no parking
Nice location but there is no parking for non residents at all, there is constant noise and dust from the road works and workers building near by. The pool is nice but indoors.
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
16th Jul, 2014
From Asia
Moved here in 2014
Family with children
Sulafa 1 bedroom
Neat & Clean Building
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
4th Jun, 2014
From Europe
Moved here in 2014
Living with parents
Excellent finishing
Layout, finish
Visitor parking
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC

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