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Mixed-use district, DubaiLand, Dubai
Liwan Key Information
Location type
Mixed-use district

Liwan Overview

Liwan is a mixed use freehold township in DubaiLand masterplanned by Mizin, a member of Tatweer (a subsidiary of Dubai Holding). The development was launched in September 2006.

Liwan covers 13 million sq ft at the junction of the Emirates Road and Al Ain Road, across from Academic City and Dubai Silicon Oasis. The masterplan shows 100 separate residential complexes, six ‘iconic’ towers for business activities and a variety of mixed-use units . Two hotels were to be located at each end of the development.

There are six different types of residential buildings ranging in size from seven to 15 storeys on individual plots. Mizin based the masterplan for Liwan (formerly known as Frisco Ridge) on the design of San Francisco, with its mix of residential and commercial units, as well as parks and waterfalls.

Queue Point

In March 2007 Kuwait-based Al Mazaya Holding announced the Dh2 billion Queue Point project comprising a total of 52 plots for multi-purpose buildings, both residential and commercial, of between five and 15 storeys.

The residential buildings are aimed at the ‘mid-income’ sector and have been designed in four different styles with apartments ranging in size from one to three bedrooms.

The one-bedroom apartments are designed to be practical and convenient with large windows to provide lots of natural light and come in several layouts with different areas.

The two-bedroom apartments also come in several layouts of different size and are spacious and ‘equipped to suit the lifestyle of contemporary living’.

The three-bedroom apartments are designed with large living areas and spacious bedrooms to comfortably accommodate the whole family.

Completion of the Queue Point project was intended to be 2009 but was delayed by issues arising from the financial crisis of 2007-8, so the first buildings were not handed over until 2012.

Nowadays the name Queue Point is synonymous with Liwan, since it comprises the vast majority of completed buildings in the area.

Companies Associated with Liwan
Master Developer
  • The project was launched in September 2006.
  • The master developer is Mizin Real Estate.
  • From Liwan it takes roughly 18 minutes to drive to Dubai Mall, 27 minutes to Palm Jumeirah, 27 minutes to Burj Al Arab and 31 minutes to The Walk JBR.
  • Dubai International Airport (DXB) is roughly 27 minutes' drive and the new Al Maktoum International Airport is roughly 33 minutes' drive. All durations are calculated by Google Maps and assume the fastest route in typical traffic conditions.
Liwan Milestones
Date Launched
September 2006

Liwan Amenities

As of May 2019 several green spaces and a lake could be seen at Liwan. A new mosque has been completed and in December 2018 the first shop, a BlueMart supermarket, opened in the National Bonds Jewels building in Liwan's Golden Gate District. 

Proximity to landmarks
Palm Jumeirah
27 mins drive
Al Maktoum International Airport
33 mins drive
La Mer
26 mins drive
Mall of the Emirates
25 mins drive
Dubai Mall
18 mins drive
Burj Al Arab
27 mins drive
Ibn Battuta Mall
29 mins drive
The Walk JBR
31 mins drive
Dubai International Airport
27 mins drive

Road Access

The drive from Liwan to DIFC takes 16 minutes; to Dubai Mall 18 minutes; to Dubai International Airport 27 minutes; to Mall of the Emirates 25 minutes; to the Expo site 31 minutes; to Dubai Marina 33 minutes; and to Abu Dhabi 2 hours 8minutes.


The Liwan masterplan is derived from the urban structure of San Francisco and is divided into four districts - Golden Gate District and Park, The Ridge, Downtown and The Suburb.

The buildings are ‘beaux arts style neo-classical’ apartment or office buildings styled on those in San Francisco, or ‘San Francisco style’ high-rise apartments.

Golden Gate District and Park is a residential district with high-rise residential architecture around a large plaza and lake.

The Ridge takes its cue from hilly San Francisco, with residential buildings centred around a large lake in a valley.

Downtown is a cluster of office space towers with a 40-storey signature pyramidal shaped building.

The Suburb is a residential district with a large central parkland.

Liwan Reviews

See what the residents have to say by reading 11 user reviews courtesy of


Liwan receives an overall rating of 2.5 based on 11 reviews. Users were asked to consider many factors including the view, finishing, layout, noise levels, traffic, public transportation, parking, security, swimming pool, gym, and maintenance.

18th Jun, 2017
From India
Moved here in 2017
Living with spouse
Far below expectations
Flat quality , building quality , no greenery, no basic amenities of a community
Bought a 2 bedroom house in 2007 with assurances of quality flat and a green landscape. Got the house in 2015, falling short by leaps and bounds of the many sales pitches and commitments. 1. Handover was pathetic. Shortfalls for houses that were handed over were made up by switching fittings more… in houses that were yet to be handed. The houses to be handed over were not locked! 2. Flooring was of very poor quality,with plaster in between tiles peeling off. 3. Main door was cracked and was finally replaced with a substandard door. 4. The approach road to the building remains rough soil to this day. 5. The barrier door to the building do not work to this day. 6. Ceiling work in the entrance to the lobby is shabbily done. Please note costs for the flat was not so low as well and was and is on par with some prominent developers today. Till today, five years hence from the first occupation, there is no landscaping, no grocery shops, it's just buildings in a desert . Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
21st Nov, 2016
From Jordan
Moved here in 2016
Living alone
So long Mazaya 97!
Easy parking
The place itself
For all those who only read a few lines - don't go there! As for the others who are keen to know more. Liwan was supposed to be a grandiose project meant to rival DSO and it started in 2008. But after the crisis it never really picked up. The finishing more… of the apartments are not too bad but there is so much missing from the area that I would not call it a community. If you are ever in need of anything late at night or forgot this one key ingredient from your shopping list, be ready to drive for 15 minutes to find the nearest shop. You either have to go to Silicon oasis or Dubai Land to buy anything. There is no laundry, no school, no shops, nothing but houses in the area. It certainly is pet friendly, that's one great thing for my cat but if after one year you would ask me to stay there again, I would say no thank you. Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
6th Apr, 2016
From Bosnia and Herzegovina
Moved here in 2016
Living with spouse
Queue point Building review
Price and quiet
No shops around
We've moved to Queue point, Dubailand last year. Even if it's next to Silicon Oasis, it's such a difference, because there's nothing here except construction site. The delivery just started coming recently to this place. We've even waited for internet for 6 months, we have it now, wow!! If you more… don't have own car, don't even think of living here! There is nothing around, except sand, and nothing by walking distance. No shops, restaurants, parks, schools. You want to go to the swimming pool, or to the gym? I'm afraid that's not possible- reason- non existing! Let's look on the bright side - the building is not full, and the neighbors are nice. 1 bedroom costs around 48-55 K, and there is no traffic in the community. You need 6-10 min drive to the nearest shop in Silicon Oasis.Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
25th Mar, 2016
From Philippines
Moved here in 2016
Family with children
You must have a car
Less traffic in and out of Queue Point
No pool, gym, supermarkets, restaurants...
Queue Point is a good place to live in because it is affordable and there is less traffic in and out...or I'd rather say NO traffic going out. But you must have your own car, as there is NO public transportation available here, like bus or metro. If you more… are the social type of person, this area is not for you - starting from NO gym, NO pool, NO park, plus NO restaurants / supermarkets around. It is literally in the middle of the desert. If you have kids, they will not have a play area. Nearest mall is Outlet Mall, and nearest groceries are in Skycourts and Silicon Oasis. Building was looking neat & new so we moved here. Maintenance is at the expense of the owner (after a year from buying the apartment) thus you have to be lucky to find a good landlord...otherwise you are stuck without anyone to help in the event of maintenance issues. We moved here due to affordability and buildings / apartments were looking neat and new. Indeed our apartment is neat and not so old... it's just that finishings were done poorly, and boundaries are extremely thin that you can hear the loud songs played or chairs being dragged by neighbours beside or above your apartment. I am still hoping that in the near future, this place be developed and improved as to encourage more people to live here.Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
29th Oct, 2015
From India
Moved here in 2015
Living with spouse
Excellent community if all your family members have a car !
The layout and size of my 1bhk apartment
Non-existent supermarkets. All the sand around us.
A very quiet and peaceful locality with upcoming building. No much construction noise in the mornings. Mixed culture of people living. Variety of apartments. Some of them of great value for their size. Located at a prime location with easy access to all exits. Therefore very good for people working more… in New Dubai. Pet friendly. We get to meet a number of doggys in the elevator who are as friendly as their owners. Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
29th Oct, 2015
From India
Moved here in 2015
Living with spouse
Warning - Do not make the same mistake as us!
I wish I had something good to say about this place
Unfortunately everything....
If you are planning to move to Queue Point, I would strongly advise against it. The place is just 1 year old and it is already breaking apart. I have been living here for the past 11 months and cannot wait for my contract to finish. The finishing of the building more… is terrible and unsafe. The wiring of the building is unsafe with electricity tripping very often. I have been complaining to the maintenance department about the water heater leaking in my apartment since I have moved to the apartment and it has still not been fixed. The AC capacity is terrible and the apartment does not cool down. The hot water runs out before 1 person can finish his/her shower. I have had a chat with the owner of the apartment and he has tried speaking to the developer to solve these issues. They have started ignoring him with no response to these problems.Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
24th Jul, 2015
From India
Moved here in 2015
Living with spouse
New Upcoming Community
Location and size of apartments
Lack of shops etc at current point in time
Liwan is an upcoming community with a fantastic location esp if you have your own car. Downtown is just 12 mins away, close to silicon oasis and academic city. Most major malls like Dubai Mall, Mirdiff City Center or Outlet Mall are not more than 15 minutes away. Although there more… is limited infrastructure work is progressing everyday. There is round the clock security and maintenance personnel are just a call away. The society is also pet friendly. Finishing is better than discovery gardens and bedrooms are fairly large. Even though there are no shops around getting to malls is very convenient drive as there is no traffic. Have been informed that a commercial district would be made in due course. The apartment we are staying in Mazaya 3 has a clear view of the Dubai skyline. In all honesty can say that this community has a lot of livability potential in the years to come.Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
29th Mar, 2015
From India
Moved here in 2015
Family with children
Queue point
Size of the apartments and price considering current rental market
Roads and construction in progress
Good apartments, but a lot of construction work in progress. No traffic at all.
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
29th Mar, 2015
From Philippines
Moved here in 2015
Living alone
Queue Point Bldg R019
The lease contract is reasonable.
The Queue Point area is still under development. Roads are still being paved.
I started my lease of this apartment in July 2014, so the moving took place in the heat of summer. I was its first resident, and so I was the guinea pig of sorts to test the plumbing, the A/C, the electricals, the heater, etc. I encountered problems more… with each of these aspects in my first couple of months, that the maintenance guys were on my speed dial. I found that they weren't very coordinated, so I had to do a lot of follow-ups and pushing to get timely action done. Now, everything is working fine. The workmanship for the guest toilet is something I overlooked while I was checking out this property. The door cannot open fully and it just hits the sink. I have since called it the "little girl's loo" as my guest has to be really slim/small to get through the door. I like the remoteness of this area. A car is a must -- no traffic, my drive in and out is smooth. And it's right at the corner of E311 and Al Ain Road so it's relatively accessible. Good for peace and quiet (i.e. before and after working hours for the roadworks). I have a spacious balcony where I chill, and on a clear day, I have a good view of Burj Khalifa. Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
7th Dec, 2014
From Germany
Moved here in 2014
Living alone
Low quality finishing, high price
Nice layout of the apartments
Really bad quality and not existing proper maintenance
The area is pretty new. Apartments are lower than anywhere else, even lower than Silicon Oasis but the finishing is pretty bad as well. Maintenance is less than satisfactory and issues in the apartments in regards to maintenance and the not existing recreation facilities or even supermarkets make the price more… way too highShow less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC
19th Oct, 2014
From United Kingdom
Moved here in 2014
Living with spouse
Queue Point - Liwan
Price, Size, Finishing
Lack of community at current
We moved into this flat about 6 months ago. Our flat is 3 bedroom and 2000 sqft, very spacious with storage room (supposedly a maids room, but I don't think they got that far during construction) and separate laundry room. The finishing is decent if not perfect, and maintenance are reasonably efficient more… at fixing any small problems. The flats are all brand new, having been handed over within the last 9 months. The price is great for the size and number of bedrooms, however this is due to the location. There are no shops within walking distance, no cafes or restaurants, no pool or gym. Silicon Oasis is a 5-minute drive away, as is Skycourts so as long as you drive then the location works. There is next to no traffic in or out of the community and business bay is a 15-minute commute. Overall I would recommend this area and development if cost and size are more important to you than being within walking distance of shops or leisure activities. The area is a bit of a construction site in general, however our flat overlooks a nice empty bit of desert with no construction planned. Show less
This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of Propsearch LLC

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